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EMULBIT Szlam Hydroizolacyjny


Description and properties

Two-component, highly-flexible sealing membrane in the form of an acrylic resin and cement-based mortar dispersion with the addition of upgrading additives. When dry, it forms a waterproof, solid, flexible and seamless sealing layer which is highly-adhesive and able to expertly fill in any cracks. An ecological product – does not contain any solvents.

Recommended use

  • for waterproofing strip foundations and foundation slabs
  • for waterproofing tiled terraces and swimming pools
  • providing anti-moisture sealing coats on horizontal and vertical surfaces before applying ceramic tiles and other finishing linings in rooms subject to intensive moisture impact, e.g. kitchens, bathrooms, restrooms, laundries, shower cubicles, basements

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Technical Data

Component A – dispersion of high-quality synthetic resins
Component A - milky white liquid
Component B - powder
Colour and consistency
Application temperatureFrom +5 o C to +30 o C
Drying timeFirst layer – approx 1 hour
Each next layer – approx 1,5 godziny
ConsumptionApprox 1,25 kg/m2 for each 1mm of layer thickness
Number of layersAt least 2 layers recommended
Tiles can be appliedafter 18-24 hours
Shelf life12 months after the date of production
Packagesplastic containers 12 kg, 20 kg