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Description and properties

Emulbit Syntetyk Klej is high-quality solvent asphalt-latex mass with addition of upgrading agents. It is used for cold-gluing asphaltsaturated felts to the concrete and plaster, for gluing the felts together in the multi-layer insulation. It has a high concentration of resin which provides strong adhesive properties to 212 N.Ready to be used, mixing would be enough.Directly after placing on the insulated surface, it is completely resistant to washing with water.Highly economical, it has excellent penetration properties into the insulation surface inside.Adheres very well to dry surfaces (concrete, felt, fibre cement, steel structures, etc.).After drying, forms a uniform, strong and flexible coating which is resistant to the effects of weather and biological corrosion

Technical Data

Recommended use

  • gluing the asphalt – saturated felts to the concrete plaster
  • gluing the felts together in the multi-layer insulation
  • making effective systemic anti-moisture protections for roofs, flat roofs, concrete underlayment, terraces, footings and foundations
  • making anti-corrosive coatings

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Consumption per 1 layer 0,8 - 1,2 kg/m2
(depending on the type of the base and application)
Application temperature from +5 °C to +30 °C
Drying-up time (1mm of wet layer)Full bounding after ca 24 hours (air temperature 20oC relative air humidity 65%
Number of layers1-4 depending on the application
Method of applicationBrush, roofwork brush
Density0,9 kg/dm3
Storage Product is not sensitive to minus temperatures
Shelf life 12 months after the date of production
Packages Plastic containers 12 kgand
24kg, drums 24 kg