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Description and properties

Dry mineral mix including a cement-based binder and enriching aggregates. It is used It contains aggregate of max. grain size 8 mm. It is also produces in the SPCC version. The INCRETE FK4 mix is used for thin-layer concrete spraying of layer thickness at least 25 mm or as the last finishing layer. Maximum thickness of one layer must not exceed 30 mm.

Recommended use

  • to produce shotcrete by means of a dry method for repairs and filling defects on large surfaces of engineering structures, i.e. bridges, flyovers, tunnels, retaining walls, weirs, water thresholds, dams, breakwaters, watersides. It is also used to reinforce excavation embankments.
  • can be used on properly prepared damp concrete (matt-damp) - at substrate temperatures and the air
    from + 5 ° C to + 35 ° C,

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Technical Data

Grain size 0 - 8 mm
The thickness of the layer25 mm - 30 mm
Bulk density1,8 0- 2,00 g /cm3
Volumetric density2,00 - 2,30g/cm3
The amount of water added with stirring
(for 30 kg of dry mix)
1,76 - 1,91 dm3
Frost resistanceF200
Compressive strength after 28 days≥ 45 MPa
Flexural strength after 28 days≥ 7 MPa
Packagepaper bags - app. 30 kg
Storage6 month in dry rooms in originally sealed packaging
Productivity (volume / weight )of the dry mix)1m3 / 2,16 t (
Peel strength - "pull-off" after 28 days≥ 1,5 Mpa